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Our team is a unique blend of experience, passion, and creativity. We work hand in hand with construction companies, architects, and fence designers, allowing us to tackle the most ambitious and unconventional projects. Nothing is impossible for us – we can design, craft, and install custom ideas, making your fence one-of-a-kind and perfectly tailored to your needs.

We export our products to Western Europe, where our aluminum fences are praised for their quality, aesthetics, and durability. We’re thrilled to showcase our Polish craftsmanship on the international stage.


Palisada - The fence manufacturer you need!

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Over 40 years
on the Polish market!

For generations, we’ve been devoted to creating top-quality aluminum fences that embellish and secure private and industrial properties. Our range also includes elegant panel fences that cater to diverse customer needs.

At the heart of our business is a commitment to providing unique fencing solutions. We take pride in offering not just ready-made designs but also the ability to tailor fences according to your expectations. Utilizing modern technologies and the limitless capabilities of our specialists, we deliver luxurious and prestigious fences that will captivate even the most discerning customers.

Our passion for fencing goes hand in hand with caring for our clients. We take great pride in providing guidance to help you choose the right fence, taking into account terrain conditions and individual preferences. Our team is always ready to meet your expectations and create the fence of your dreams.

Feel free to explore our achievements. If you seek a distinctive fence to adorn your surroundings, you’re in the right place! Reach out to us, and together, we’ll create a space that fulfills all your expectations.

Trust in our quality, experience, and passion – we’re ready to meet any challenge!

We specialize in the production, distribution, and installation of modern fencing systems, tailored to:

Residential buildings

businesses and factories

sports facilities


We provide comprehensive implementation from A to Z

Why should you choose a fence from our offer? First and foremost, whether it’s palisade fences or panel fences, you always get a guarantee of the highest quality solution. Moreover, our offer is comprehensive, as it includes the delivery of the selected complete fencing system, gates, and garden gates, along with their professional installation by our knowledgeable and skilled experts.

We also create modern fences and gates based on non-standard, individual designs and requests. We approach our work with diligence and professionalism, ensuring punctuality and readiness to meet the greatest challenges. We warmly invite you to collaborate with us!

Stages of implementation

step 1

We begin with measurement

step 2

Proceed to project work

step 3

Hand over the finished design to production

step 4

Transport the product to the client

step 5

Assemble the finished product


Ensure customer satisfaction and happiness


Modern fences perfectly
tailored to your expectations

Fencing is an extremely important element of any property. It provides a sense of security, protection, and privacy, while also serving as a decorative feature that complements the style and architecture of the building. It’s worth considering the fencing options for a given space and choosing a solution that meets all our expectations. Fences, gates, and garden gates can come in various forms and styles, with certain trends also influencing the choices. So, what kind of fence should you choose to fulfill its function and look good for years to come?


As a manufacturer of modern fences, we provide our customers with professional assistance in their selection. We offer, among others, modern palisade fences that accentuate the simplicity of the building’s structure. We present panel fences that work best on sports grounds or housing estates. Our range also includes trendy aluminum fences, perfect for residential and corporate premises, as well as chain-link fences, optimal for large industrial areas.


Our fences are solutions perfectly suited to our customers’ expectations, tailored to individual needs, terrain conditions, functions, and the surroundings’ character.


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