Check out this modern fence that combines three key elements: aluminum, concrete, and glass. The AL23 model in a delicate pearl gray shade RAL7048 is the essence of this project, and the combination with modern features such as the automatically opening gate and double-winged gate creates a noteworthy composition.

In this implementation, we opted for the AL23 model, which stands out with its elegant design and robust construction. The choice of pearl gray RAL7048 adds subtlety and harmony to the fence, perfectly aligning with the surroundings. It’s a model that seamlessly fits into the aesthetics of contemporary architecture, adding a unique character.

The combination of concrete, glass, and aluminum definitely catches the eye while serving its purpose. The concrete walls, sturdy and durable, combined with elegant glass, create a contrasting yet harmonious ensemble. The walls were made by another company, and our task was to integrate them into the gates and gate. Concrete, in conjunction with our aluminum AL23 model, creates a composition with a unique visual effect.

The modernity of this implementation is emphasized not only by the choice of materials but also by functionality. The automatically opening gate and double-winged gate are solutions that blend comfort with aesthetics. They not only provide convenience but also add character to the entire space.

The fence with the AL23 model in pearl gray RAL7048 is an absolute hit. This combination of aluminum, concrete, and glass creates an incredibly modern and stylish visual effect. If you want to learn more about this fence, visit the product page: AL23 aluminum fence.