In this project, you will see what a fence for a house without an entrance gate looks like. It’s a perfect example where the space around the house and garden has been enclosed to allow for easy access to the garage.

In the design, we incorporated three gates: one at the main entrance with an entry portal, another at the garage entrance, and a third serving as access to the garden. The fencing was constructed using the AL27 model, featuring vertical aluminum posts with dimensions of either 100x150mm or 60x80mm spaced at 80-100mm intervals. As a complement to this model, we recommend combining it with a sliding gate and a gate filled with vertical profiles or covered with solid aluminum sheeting.

Elements of the fencing in this implementation:

  1. Entry portal with lighting
  2. Main entrance gate by the portal + two additional gates in the AL27 model
  3. Multimedia post with intercom, mailbox, and camera
  4. AL27 fencing panels
  5. Cover for waste container storage
  6. Cover for the gas box made of solid metal sheet