Below, you can see the perfect combination for modern construction – a contemporary vertical fence, our AL27 model, combined with concrete walls, and a gate and gate made of solid metal. It’s not only security but also a true decoration for any space.

The fence was entirely carried out by our company, from design through production to installation. We started with a meticulous design, including site measurements, which adapted to the character and style of the space. Taking into account our client’s preferences and elements characteristic of the environment, we created a unique concept. In this concept, we combined the vertical posts of the AL27 model with 16 graphite-colored concrete walls. Completing the entire composition are the automatic sliding gate and gate made of solid metal, providing 100% privacy while creating a very elegant look for the entire frontage. Additionally, the electrical box has been concealed in an elegant cabinet, within one of the walls, accentuating the aesthetic execution of the fence. As a result, the entire fence is one complete composition with no elements that will look unsightly over the years.

The elements of the fence in this implementation include:

  • Vertical aluminum fence, model AL27
  • Fence with concrete panels
  • Gate and gate made of solid metal
  • Electrical box enclosure