As recreational plots are often located far from homes, their owners should invest in sturdy fencing. A durable fence protects the area from wild animals as well as strangers. If you own a plot, decide on installing a fence as soon as possible. Otherwise, you won’t protect it from the visits of unwanted guests. Are you wondering how to fence a recreational plot and with what? Below are a few interesting suggestions and important pointers.

What kind of fencing for a recreational plot?

Fencing for a recreational plot provides the best protection against intruders and wild animals, so it must be robust. Massive wooden or stone fences are relatively expensive, but they can be replaced with cheaper panels that also perform their task excellently. If you plan to enclose the plot, when choosing the type of fence, consider how much money you can allocate to it, and whether you can spare the time for its installation.

Panel fencing – aesthetics and durability

One of the most commonly chosen options for fencing a recreational plot is panels. Their installation requires embedding in concrete or deep burial of posts, so it’s quite time-consuming. However, the effort pays off – a ready-made panel fence is very durable and looks aesthetically pleasing. To achieve an even better effect, you can place the panels on a decorative plinth. Concrete slabs serve not only a decorative purpose but also a protective one – thanks to them, stray dogs or other animals cannot enter the plot. Another interesting solution for fencing a recreational plot is gabions. Metal cages, when filled with basalt or granite chippings, have a modern appearance and are resistant even to large animals and strong winds.

Industrial fencing – a more economical alternative

If decorative panel fences exceed your budget, consider installing an industrial fence. Its cost is much lower, but the construction is equally solid. Simple palisades made of vertical profiles among vegetation look as good as those with additional embellishments. Meanwhile, panels made of galvanized wires additionally coated with a polyester layer don’t limit the visibility of the plot and allow a large amount of light to enter. If you want the fence to look nicer, mount it on a decorative precast plinth or on a brick foundation. For a better effect, you can also plant a hedge or yew along the panels. It’s worth mentioning that due to its low price and durability, industrial fencing is an ideal solution for surrounding larger plots.

Mesh fencing – inexpensive and labor-intensive

If you want to enclose the plot at a low cost, you can opt for installing mesh fencing. However, be prepared that this is time-consuming. In order for the mesh to be able to protect the property, it must be laid solidly, which requires the construction of foundations or a plinth, the installation of posts, and the assembly of tensioning elements. Improperly tensioned fencing looks unsightly and requires adjustments after a few months. To avoid this, it’s advisable to ask for help from a second person, making the tensioning of the mesh much easier.

For a more attractive appearance, you can purchase additional caps, sometimes called roofs, for the posts. With these, the entire fence will look much better and will also be protected from rain. Similar to panels or gabions, you can install the mesh on a decorative plinth. A concrete slab will make the fence look better and will also be more durable and resistant to damage.

Year-round safety

The fence should be aesthetically pleasing, but above all, it should be characterized by safety. When choosing panels or mesh, pay attention to the quality of their manufacture. The fence must protect your plot throughout the year, so it should be weather-resistant. To prevent premature corrosion due to rain and snow, ensure proper impregnation. Panels that have been galvanized and powder-coated during the production process, as well as mesh coated with a polyester layer, are resistant to moisture and temperature changes. The fence’s task is to protect the property. If you don’t visit the plot too often, opt for tall panels with pointed ends so that uninvited guests won’t enter in your absence.


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