It’s worth placing garbage bins close to the fence in a way that you don’t have to put out the bins on collection days. This task is burdensome, and it’s easy to forget about it. If you’re just installing a fence, consider where to position the containers. Follow a few guidelines – easy access to the bins is important, but at the same time, it’s worth ensuring that the containers are as inconspicuous as possible. Moreover, the bins shouldn’t be placed too close to the house. Below are ideas on where to place the containers for convenient use while keeping the property looking aesthetic.

Practical Niche in the Fence

Let’s not hide the fact – garbage bins aren’t decorative for properties. On the contrary, when they’re in plain sight, they create a sense of clutter. Fortunately, there are several tricks to cleverly hide them. If you have the opportunity, create a space for the garbage bins in the fence. This way, you’ll make life easier for yourself and for the waste removal company’s employees. If the niche is made of the same materials as the fence, you’ll quickly forget what it’s for. It’s best to place the structure near the gate. This way, it will be easier for you to dispose of garbage on your way to the store or work.

When building a niche for garbage bins, remember that it should have two gates – one on the property side and another facing the road. To provide adequate comfort, the gates must be at least 80 cm wide. Before choosing gates, be sure to measure the width of the bins and other items you’ll store in the niche. For your peace of mind and that of your loved ones, invest in lockable gates.

The size of the niche depends on whether you intend to store only garbage bins or also garden tools and other accessories. When designing the shelter, also consider how many people will use it and whether there might be more containers in it in the future than there are currently. The dimensions of the niche must be large enough to allow easy access to each bin and convenient maneuvering.

The finishing touch, when it comes to the garbage bin niche, is the finish. The shelter looks best when built with the same materials as the fence. If you’re constructing a gabion fence, opt for a shelter made of stone. However, practical as well as aesthetic aspects matter here. The walls inside the niche should be covered with washable paint or tiles. This will make them easy to clean, preventing unwelcome guests from nesting under the shelter.

Aesthetic Gazebo

If you don’t have enough space to create a niche for garbage bins next to the gate, consider a small gazebo. The structure will look great when placed at the front corner of the fence. If you’d like the gazebo to be less visible, position the driveway gate and the pedestrian gate slightly deeper than the rest of the fence elements. Regarding the gazebo’s design, be sure to include a sturdy roof. This way, the garbage bins won’t be exposed to flooding. To ensure your convenience when maneuvering the containers, the interior floor of the gazebo should be made of concrete or well-protected wood.

Gazebos are currently very fashionable, especially those designed in the English style. Who said that the place where you store garbage bins must be ugly and gloomy? If you choose lattice panels with small openings for the gazebo’s construction, you won’t see the containers at first glance. To hide the bins even better, you can plant decorative climbing plants like ivy on the walls of the structure.

Camouflage is the Key!

Building a niche or gazebo is an excellent solution for hiding a garbage bin near the fence. But is there a cheaper way to conceal the bins? In reality, all you need to do is place them along the fence and plant vegetation around them. The effect will be satisfying if the fence is at the same height as the bins, as they won’t be visible from the road side.

It’s worth surrounding the containers with tall shrubs. Yews or boxwoods will make them almost invisible. Ornamental grasses, which are increasingly adorning Polish gardens, will also work well. If you position the plants in a way that they create a dense hedge, you’ll also shield yourself from neighbors’ views. Just remember to leave space on one side to move the bins freely.


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