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Tough to breach


Easy installation

Modern appearance

Intrusion-resistant barrier

Affordable price

Versatile applications

Available in many colors from the RAL palette

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Industrial gates are the real deal when it comes to securing industrial areas, properties, and facilities. We craft them using embossed, plain, or profiled panels, creating a sturdy gate fill. Each gate comes complete with all the necessary elements, such as locks, handles, latches, hinges, and robust posts.

We also offer the option to equip your gate with LOCINOX brand components, enhancing convenience and safety. You can go for either stationary handles or knobs that seamlessly match your preferences. Our gates come with adjustable hinges, allowing precise adaptation to the terrain and ensuring smooth gate opening and closing.

Gate posts are made from 80×80 or 100×100 mm profiles, depending on the height, clearance, and specific requirements like access control needs. The frame construction is done using 40×40, 40×60, or 60×60 mm profiles, depending on the gate’s dimensions.

We can customize the gate fill to meet your needs. You can opt for embossed or plain fencing panels, as well as a welded closed profile measuring 20×20 or 25×25 mm. As part of our services, we also offer custom orders, including the possibility of incorporating your company logo or using unique colors.

Our gates come in galvanized and powder-coated versions in colors from the RAL palette. For added security, there’s the option of equipping the gate with barbed wire or concertina.

Industrial gates boast numerous advantages. They’re tough to breach due to their robust structure and high-quality materials. Their durability and solidity make them an effective barrier that hinders unauthorized access to protected areas.

Gate installation is straightforward and convenient. Thanks to precisely fitting components, even those without prior experience can easily install them. This translates to time and labor savings, particularly for larger projects.

Industrial gates are versatile in application. They can be used in various settings, such as industrial sites, warehouses, commercial facilities, or public spaces. We tailor them to the client’s individual needs, enabling them to choose the right size, shape, and finish. This ensures an optimal solution for every project.

Furthermore, industrial gates can be prepared for intercom and video intercom systems through the installation of an electric latch. This adds an extra layer of security and convenience in controlling access to your facility.

The electric latch allows for easy gate opening and closing via an intercom or video intercom. This convenient solution eliminates the need for manual gate operation with every entry and exit. A single click is all it takes to grant access to authorized individuals, streamlining vehicle and pedestrian traffic and enhancing the overall efficiency and security of your facility.

In addition, our industrial gates come at an attractive price point. Regardless of the project’s size or specific requirements, we provide our customers with excellent quality and value for their investment. We offer a 5-year warranty on all our gates, gate posts, and panels.

Standard Color Versions (full RAL color palette available for an additional fee)

RAL 7016 Anthracite grey

RAL 9005 Jet black

RAL 6005 Moss green