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Modern appearance

Available in many colors from the RAL palette


Intrusion-resistant barrier

Versatile applications

Tough to breach

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Industrial gates with panel filling are an excellent solution that combines lightness and rigidity, ensuring reliability and durability. In the package, you will receive not only the gate but also the posts and a complete guide system, including carriages and a guiding roller. Additionally, the gates are prepared for automation installation, enabling convenient control and automatic opening and closing.

The gate posts are made from profiles of dimensions 80×80 mm or 100×100 mm, adjusted to the width of the entrance. The frame construction, on the other hand, is made from profiles of dimensions 40×40, 40×60, 60×60, or 80×80 mm, depending on the width of the gate entrance. The guiding rail, made from semi-enclosed channel profile of dimensions 80x80x4mm, ensures smooth gate movement for models with a length < 6.00m, maintaining an appropriate bottom clearance of ≈ 90mm.

The gate filling consists of a fence panel, which can be embossed or plain, depending on your preferences. We also offer the option of decorative and plain panel filling, as well as a secure version, characterized by a smooth top edge, ideal for nursery and playground fences.

As an option, we offer a hook lock or LOCINOX, providing additional security for your property. The hook lock ensures a high level of security and resistance to breach attempts, protecting your premises from unwanted intruders. Additionally, the handle for manual opening and automation facilitate gate operation, allowing convenient use and minimizing physical effort.

Furthermore, there is the possibility of ordering gates with your company logo or in non-standard colors. The gates are available in hot-dip galvanized or hot-dip galvanized and powder-coated versions in colors from the RAL palette, ensuring high corrosion resistance and an aesthetic appearance.

Industrial gates with panel filling present a modern look that adds attractiveness and professionalism to your property. Moreover, they are corrosion-resistant, ensuring long-lasting functionality in various weather conditions.

Thanks to their versatility, these gates can be used in different locations and industries, adapting to diverse needs. Their sturdy construction creates a reliable barrier that hinders intrusion, maximizing the protection of your property.

Additionally, our industrial gates can be equipped with an automatic barrier, providing even more effective security for your premises. The automatic barrier offers an additional layer of access control and prevents unauthorized entry to the protected area. This gives you the assurance that your property is even better protected, allowing only authorized individuals to enter and exit freely. It’s an ideal solution for businesses, warehouses, or other facilities requiring an enhanced level of protection and control.

To receive a personalized quote for an industrial gate, we invite you to contact our product manager. We are happy to answer all your questions and assist you in realizing your project.

We provide a 5-year warranty for all our gates, fences, and panels.