Produkt średniobudżetowy

Product Advantages

Wind protection

Sun protection

Rain protection

Convenient and hassle-free


Provide comfort and convenience

Aesthetic and modern

New dimension of use

Possibility of expansion

Ensure privacy

Custom-made according to needs

Option for implementation in a second phase

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Additional accessories such as fixed polycarbonate or glass sliding walls, blinds, or aluminum shutters will protect your terrace not only from the sun and rain but also from the wind, thanks to the side walls. We encourage you to explore our unique offer.

Automatic blinds and sliding glass panels are highly popular features that can complement the fixed polycarbonate or aluminum side walls in your pergola. The blinds allow for easy and quick darkening of the space, which is especially useful during hot weather or when you want to host a private gathering. Sliding glass panels, on the other hand, enable flexible adjustment of the pergola space according to individual needs and user preferences, allowing for versatile usage depending on the circumstances.

Moreover, automatic blinds and sliding glass panels introduce a new dimension to the pergola’s utility, enabling effortless adaptation of the space to changing weather conditions and privacy requirements. They provide easy control over lighting levels and the impact of sunlight and wind, allowing year-round utilization of the pergola. Additionally, automatic blinds and sliding glass panels are user-friendly, enabling convenient and hassle-free operation. When combined with the fixed polycarbonate or aluminum side walls, all these elements make the pergola even more functional and appealing, ensuring users maximum comfort and convenience.