Aluminum fences AL05



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Aluminum fences AL05

wzór ogrodzenia aluminiowego al05
Price from: 
463 zł/m2

Modern and aesthetic model in horizontal orientation.

78x19mm battens set on vertical U profile with 40mm separation. On demand we decrease the space between lamellas. The option of increased density in non-transparent version is also available.

There is a possibility of making a span in 58x30mm tregs.

A swing gate and a wicket are a standard in 60x30mm frame profile, for bigger sizes the 80x50mm frame profile can be used.

Apart from standard colors there is a possibility to use two colors and make a fence of any size.

AL05 fence model can also be used as a balustrade with standard square cross-sectional railing or with a oval Comfort railing on special request. 

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