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Embossed panel fences


Simple, aesthetic fence perfect for industrial buildings, public utility buildings, traffic islands as well as recreational and sport areas. The panel system is also used for dog pens, waste containers and temporary conformation site fencing.

High resistance to atmospheric conditions and damages.

Also available with 2, 3 or 4 reinforcing embossings (described as 2W, 3W, 4W).

Standard heights:

H 1360,1560,1760,1960,2160,2360,2560mm for 4W

H 1020,1220,1420mm for 2W

H 1500mm for 3W

Standard panel length: L 2505mm. Axial distance between pillars 40x60mm: 2560mm.

Standard eye size 50x200mm (available 55x200mm and 60x200mm)

Wire thickness is 4mm or 5mm (described as 4/4, 5/5)

Finished on both sides with 30mm wires with possibility of cutting them (safe) used in public utility places, especially playgrounds. Is it possible to cut the fence panel at the installation site by every 50mm near an existing weld and protect the cut wires manually by varnish coating.

Hot dip galvanized panels or galvanized and powder coated.

Decorative panels in three versions (convex, concave and wavy) are also available.

The additional equipment of the panel system: assembly clamps 40x60mm, type: preliminary, intermediate, corner; carriage bolts M8x25; breakaway nuts; plastic separator for wires with 4 or 5mm diameter; pillar cap made of frost-proof plastic.

Standard colors: RAL6005, RAL7016, RAL 7024, RAL7030, RAL8017, RAL9005.

The price is agreed individually according to the size of the fence.







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